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The business of importing girls for forced ‪marriage or ‪bride trade (trafficking) is not different from sex ‪or labour trafficking because it treats women as commodities for sale to unknown men whose purpose is not to find lifetime loving partners but to arrange for a wife to be treated as a sex object, domestic worker, agricultural labourer and an all-round slave. It is also a new form of child marriage which has emerged on a wide scale. ‪
Displacement caused by climate change and denial of rights over land or natural resources results in a huge number of young people having an aspiration to migrate for good.
.... and buyers are always on the lookout .... 

Bride Trafficking Survivors 

Largely purchased for serving as unpaid agricultural labourers under the garb of marriage, girls and women trafficked for the purpose are treated as outcastes by the community. 


Children of Survivors 

Belonging nowhere, children of trafficking survivors are a cause of great concern because they end up being treated as outcastes as well owing to societal prejudice towards their mothers.